Rub Tester and Abrasion Tester (RT4)

  • Predict print performance
  • Assess coating & substrate suitability
  • Predict print durability
  • Improve packaging effectiveness

The Hanatek Ink Rub Tester (Rub & Abrasion Tester) brings new levels of repeatability and convenience to testing the durability of inks and coatings on any printed material.
The instrument is used for testing the scuff, marking and rub resistance of cartons, films and commercial printed material.

This comparative test works by abrading a printed sample against a reference material under known conditions.
The results can be used to identify alternative substrates, better ink and coating formulations or the suitability of finished cartons, films or printed books, magazines and promotional materials.

The Hanatek Ink Rub Tester can be programmed for the required number of cycles, enabling it to be run concurrently with other laboratory tests.

Optional test attachments offer the ability to conduct tests under harsher conditions and can be used to check the solvent resistance or the cure of UV inks.

Ink Rub Tester Operation:

Instrument platen and test head are driven at an identical speed of 1 rev/sec. This creates a very even abrasion between the top surface and the entire area of the larger test sample.

An air hose blows away sample test debris to ensure no additional abrasion from loose ink particles.

After testing, the 2 samples are visually analysed.

Rub Tester Features:

Choice of Measuring heads
The instrument is supplied as standard with the felt measuring head and pad.

This is suitable for the face to face (printed surface to printed surface) method described in BS 3110 and also the printed surface to reference material such a Mellotex.

Alternative measuring heads/pads are available for conducting:

    • Abrasion test

Abrasion -test-ink-rub-tester

This test is to check the through cure of coatings and UV varnish. This test will mimic the effect of transportation on printed material.

    • Wet rub test


This test checks for coating resistance to water/solvent

Touch screen operated
Intuitive touch screen operation ensures incredibly quick configuration of test parameters .

Automatic abrasion cycles
The cycle time is pre-programmed allowing the test to run unsupervised

Sample Preparation

  • The instrument is supplied with cutting templates.  For faster and safer sample preparation, the Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter is recommended.

This allows for simultaneous cutting of 50mm and 115mm ø samples.


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