Precision Thickness Gauge (FT3)

  • Repeatability of better than 0.4 µm
  • 0.1 µm resolution
  • User programmable number of readings, dwell time and down speed

The Hanatek FT3 Precision Thickness Gauge is specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of a variety of substrates including film, paper, board, foil, tissue and textiles.

Operated via an intuitive touch screen interface the instrument will allow the user to define batch size, dwell time & measuring speed.

Full test statistics can be easily viewed or printed to label for easy documentation control.

Contact pressure and contact area are factory set options dependent on the testing standard used

Precision Thickness Gauge Features

Test Parameters
Physical test parameters can be factory configured according to International Standards or customer requirements. Measurement speed and dwell time are controlled by user defined parameters.

  • Momentum and profile of measurement head
  • Measurement pressure
  • Measurement dwell time

The instrument is linearised throughout its measurement range using a multi point calibration.
Flatness of measurement head/anvil <0.1µm Typical parallelism <1µm

  • Accuracy, Linearity, Calibration
  • Flatness/Parallelism of Measurement Area

The Hanatek instrument provides full statistical analysis of data. The optional printer allows a time/date stamped results label to be attached to job sheet or retained samples

User defined routines or the optional footswitch mean hands free operation for easy sample manipulation

  • Incorrect recording and analysis of results
  • Sample handling and measurement technique

Temperature stability circuitry ensures the instrument electronics reach optimum conditions before testing.

User Defined Parameters

Up Time
This parameter allows the user to manipulate samples between measurements. 1-10 sec

Test Speed
The speed of the measurement head us especially important when measuring deformable materials. 1-5mm/sec

Dwell/Down Time
The dwell time determines the settling time of the probe on compressible materials. 1-15 sec

The instrument is operated via an integral touch screen and features 3 different measurement modes.

Standard Test
Full statistical analysis of up to 500 readings

Batch Test
Calculates the thickness difference between two measurement sets, used to assess the thickness of coatings, adhesives or sample batches.

Standard Tare Test
Automatically tares the instrument before each test using user defined conditions.

For testing to multiple standards please use the Hanatek Variable Force Precision Thickness Gauge FT3-V

Data Sheets