Melt Flow Indexer (MFI)

  • Precise Measurement
  • Fully Automated
  • User Certifiable
  • Operator Safe

The Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) is one of the most advanced instruments available for the measurement the melt characteristics of thermoplastic polymers.

Understanding melt flow is a key indicator for producers, processors and converters of plastic materials as it dictates the temperatures and pressures required to manufacture consistent quality products
Actual barrel temperature can be measured to ensure that every test is performed with complete compliance to ASTM D1238 (2011) Part A, B or C and ISO 1133 (2011) with full test documentation.
Test Types

  • Melt Volume Rate
  • Melt Density
  • Shear Stress/Rate
  • Melt Viscosity

Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) Features:

Precise Measurement

Tri-Zone Barrel Heating and Control
Stable and accurate temperature is maintained across the entire barrel length ensuring exact compliance to all international standards.

Temperature Monitor and Control
The included barrel temperature monitor ensures that every test is made to exact temperature specifications. Deviations in measurement can be quickly identified and fine tuning of the barrel can be actioned.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Almost 80% of MFI in current use have temperature variations of up to 20°C across the barrel*, leading to inaccurate test results and potential raw material failures.

Accurate Results
The piston travel sensor accurately reports the flow rate of the polymer throughout the test.

Fully Automated

Automatic Testing
With automatic weight control and displacement sensor every test is fully motorised; no user intervention is required to start tests or monitor conditioning times

Automatic Calculation
Touch screen control with preloaded test routines for MFI / MFR / MVR / melt density / shear rate / stress / melt viscosity / spread values. Automatic calculation of results for every polymer eliminating operator associated errors.
Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) Hanatek

User Certifiable

UKAS Certified Calibration Kit
The Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer (MFI) can be annually serviced by the user whilst maintaining full UKAS/ISO 17025 certification, eliminating the cost of an onsite calibration service or return to manufacturer calibration.
Melt Flow Indexer2

User Changeable Barrel Core
This feature eliminates the high cost and inconvenience of an offsite repair due to barrel damage.
Melt Flow Indexer barrel core

A replacement barrel can be fitted to the Hanatek MFI at any time to ensure the instrument fully complies to international standards.

Operator Safe

Automatic Cleaning Cycle
An automated cleaning process minimises the risk of contact with hot apparatus whilst completely eliminating the risk of RSI injury.

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