Crease and Board Stiffness Tester (CBT1)

  • Measure crease recovery (spring back)
  • Measure board stiffness
  • Instant display of crease to board stiffness ratio

The Hanatek CBT1 Crease and Board Stiffness Tester gives board manufacturers, printers and packing companies the ability to predict the 'runability' of a sample board or finished carton.

The instrument measures crease folding force at 90°, board stiffness at 15° and requires no external software for operation. It automatically calculates the crease to board stiffness ratio for instant indication as to whether the material will run correctly on a high speed packaging machine.

Crease and Board Stiffness Tester Features:

The CBT1 crease stiffness tester features independently operated jaws are rotated through pre-defined angles, 90º for crease testing and 15º for board stiffness.

Automatic Dwell Time
15 second measurement delay to eliminate operator variability (according to BS 6965).

Automatically Calculates Stiffness / Crease Ratio
Results calculated and displayed instantly on screen. No additional software is required for data analysis. BS 6965 advises that optimum running cartons should have a ratio between 1.5 and 3 (machine direction) and 3 and 7 (cross direction).

Automatic Calculation of Statistics
Full statistics are displayed for both crease recovery and board stiffness
Crease and Board Stiffness Tester - Hanatek

Data Handling
Easy printing of results to Hanatek label printer; all results are date and time stamped for added traceability.

Sample Preparation Options

One Step Sample Preparation
Sample preparation is easy with the Hanatek universal sample cutter.

The crease to be tested can be cut with a single process therefore eliminating errors associated with traditional crease sample preparation (usually a 3 step process).

Multiple test pieces can be cut from the same sample saving valuable test time. Custom dies are available to suit a specific carton size.   Hanatek offers custom cutting dies to suit most packaging applications, e.g. friction, tensile, grammage, rub / abrasion.

Dedicated Crease & Board Sample Cutter

For testing small creases such as those on a hinged lid of a tobacco carton please consider using the Hanatek Carton Force Analyser
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