Compact Friction Tester

  • Test static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Pre-loaded with test parameters for ISO/TAPPI/ASTM
  • Incredibly easy to use

Hanatek Compact Friction Tester

This precision friction tester provides detailed information of the slip characteristics of packaging material.

Surface slip is a key factor when printing, erecting or filling packaging materials on an automatic line. Friction parameters help the manufacturer understand how the finish of a blown film or printed carton can influence the feeding and running speed.

In addition to these values the CFT Compact Friction Tester produces detailed force graphs and statistics of multiple tests that can be printed to date / time stamped label (optional extra).

Measuring Friction
The Hanatek Compact Friction Tester measures both static and dynamic coefficients of friction.

Static Friction: The initial force required to make two surfaces slip against each other.

Dynamic Friction: The ongoing force required to maintain movement between two surfaces.

How is friction measured using the CFT? A sample of 63.5mm² with a weight acting over the entire surface area is moved over another sample at a given speed.

Static and dynamic coefficient of friction are automatically calculated and displayed on screen.

This is typically a face to face test.


  • Single touch button to initiate tests based on defined test parameters
  • Automatic sled placement with variable dwell times give more repeatable static slip results


  • Graphical representation of forces during test
  • Static and dynamic COF results displayed on screen immediately after test
  • Full statistical analysis of test results can be printed to Rhopoint label printer for easy reporting
  • Pre-loaded ISO/ASTM/TAPPI test methods
  • Easy load sled for fast sample preparation
  • Easy sample mounting


  • Suitable for use in the production or laboratory environment
  • Optional results printer

Touch Sensitive Interface

The Compact Friction Tester uses an intuitive touch sensitive interface making it incredibly easy to use

Data Sheets