Appearance Testing Instruments

Novo Gloss Gloss Meter

A range of gloss meters suitable for quantifying the gloss levels of matt to mirror surface finishes and speciality finishes such films.  Benchtop instrument available for measuring curved surfaces such as extruded plastic parts.

Rhopoint IQ

Quantify the gloss, haze and orange peel levels in very highly reflective surfaces.  Ideally suited for the measurement of polished metals. Product variants available for measuring curved and small surface areas

Rhopoint ID

Rhopoint ID - Imaging Transmission Meter to measure the appearance of an object viewed through a material with an air gap or spacing between the two. Ideal for packaging film applications

Viscosity Flow Cup

Measure viscosity of coatings and inks to international standards with flow cups or viscometers

Rhopoint Novo Shade Duo Plus Opacity

Measure the opacity of a plastic film or coating as well as the shade of paper on a black/white scale

Rhopoint Optimap

Map and measure surface finish.  Advanced characterisation of common surface defects in paper and film