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Crease & Board Stiffness Tester
Precision Thickness Gauge
Friction Tester
Rub and Abrasion Tester
Crease & Board Stiffness Tester Measure board stiffness, crease recovery and crease to board stiffness ratio
Precision thickness gauge Measure the thickness of packaging materials to 0.1µm Packaging material friction tester Measure static & dynamic friction to optimise packaging line running speeds
Evaluate rubbing, scuffing and marking of inks and coatings on print and packaging
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Description des produits Hanatek
Gamma strumenti Hanatek Hanatek产品概述
Hanatek Produkt übersicht Hanatek Ürünlerine Genel Bakış Các dòng sản phẩm của Hanatek Hanatek 製品について(概説)

ISO9001:2008All products are manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments in the UK within an
ISO9001:2008 environment. About Rhopoint Instruments Rhopoint Components Rhopoint Instruments Rhopoint Sourcing Rhopoint Metrology

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